Ryan’s Nose Was Bleeding

In Ryan’s Nose Was Bleeding, 10 year old Eon walks into his house with his friend Ryan and explains to his Mother why Ryan’s nose is bleeding.

EON: I was at Stationary Park!  I was just playing baseball with me and Ryan.  I mean, it was just me and Ryan.  And then these guys!  These guys, older than us, came up to us and they pushed Ryan to the floor and I yelled, “HEY!”  and then they came to me, TWO older kids and they pushed me down to the floor too.  And I got up quick and they came to push me again and I punched him in the face.  I hurt my hand but I punched him in the face real good and I knocked him out.  I did!  And the other guy, his friend or whoever, was just standing there looking down at the ground and than I saw Ryan getting back up and I walked over to him.  His nose was bleeding and I put my arm around him and told him we were okay.


…he kept his hand on his nose and we just walked.  And now we’re here and that’s what happened.  Our bats and gloves are still there cause we forgot about them.  Ryan’s nose was bleeding.

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