S Marks The Spot

S Marks The Spot features a man named Slim who enters a bar to fulfill an old deed he’s come back to claim on a man named Timmy.  Dark Humor/Crime Script.

S Marks The Spot

Midday.  Bar.  One customer named TIMOTHY MCDOWELL and the BARTENDER.  In comes SLIM, dressed like a cowboy in black threads. 

SLIM:  Timmy McDowell, how you doing these days?

TIMMY:  Do I know you?

SLIM:  Ha, ha, ha.

TIMMY:  No really, sorry, I can’t place it.

SLIM:  You do know me but you don’t know me.

TIMMY:  I don’t recognize you.

SLIM:  Of course you don’t.

TIMMY:  Are we going back, years maybe?

SLIM:  Ha, ha, ha.  Sort of.

TIMMY:  I have no idea who you are.

Slim stares long and hard into Timmy.  Timmy’s face slowly changes into that of someone remembering, but it’s not good.

SLIM:  There we go.  It’s in the eyes, always in the eyes.

TIMMY:  I’m not ready.

SLIM:  No one’s ever ready, son.

TIMMY:  No, I’m not.

SLIM:  Let’s do a shot, alcohol always seems to help cure fear.  Bartender!


SLIM:  Give me three of your strongest shots, anything, whatever it is, just make sure it’s your strongest.

Bartender places three shot glasses on the bar counter and pours in some liquor.

Slim nods.

Slim slides the first shot glass in front of Timmy.

SLIM:  Down he goes…

TIMMY:  Do I have to?

SLIM:  Son, you don’t have to do nothing you don’t want to do.


SLIM:  Course not.

Timmy decides to down the first shot anyway.

Slim slides over the second shot glass to Timmy.

Timmy downs the second shot.

TIMMY:  Can we go outside and talk it over?

SLIM:  Slim chance.

Slim slides over the third shot glass to Timmy.

Timmy downs it.

TIMMY:  Oh, come on, you didn’t really think all that talk back then was serious, did you?  I thought you were just some crazy guy wandering around the streets.  This is all just a coincidence, isn’t it?

SLIM:  Slim chance.

TIMMY:  It is!  And you’re messing with me.  I mean, what are the odds, what are the chances that after, what, how long has it been now—after fifteen years or so, you just happen to walk into the same bar I happen to be in, so why not, right?  Why not take the piss?  Have a good laugh and go about your day.  I don’t mind a good laugh, I’d do the same thing if I were you.

Timmy eyes the front door.

Slim places an axe on the bar counter.

SLIM:  If you run off now, I won’t give you a clean cut.  Nothing worse than a butchered job.  I like providing all my clients with a clean shave.  But if you run, well, I will have to go back to my viking days, it will be rough, ragged and rotten.  The amount of effort one has to go through in order to take it off in such a fashion, you can’t imagine.  However, if you can be a big boy about it, let me strap you up and hunker down on you nice and quick, well, I can almost guarantee you that things will be swift, smooth and sweet.

TIMMY:  What will you do with it?

SLIM:  With what?

TIMMY:  My…my, my hand.

SLIM:  Oh, that.  I’ll chuck it in some random dumpster around town.  No biggie.  I’m not some sort of monster who cooks it up for dinner like a steak.  Ha, ha, ha.  What do you take me for, son?

TIMMY:  Right.  (beat)  I never knew you were ever serious.  Had I known you were legit, I never would have agreed to your terms.  I thought it was all a joke.

Slim pulls out a small notepad.

SLIM:  You see this book?  I put your name in this book.  (pointing) Right there.  See that?  That’s you, marked.  Once you’ve been marked, you’ve been marked.  Now look, there are things that exist in this world that are good, would you agree?

Timmy sadly nods.

And there are things in this world that are not so good.  But then, then there are things that are hard to believe actually do exist in this world and that’s where I come into play.

You see me here and you are shocked as shit that I actually exist.  And it’s a sad state you’re in and believe me, I get it, I’ve been there myself once or twice.  You feel like all the walls are closing in on you and you can’t catch your breath.  That’s a tough bind, but humanity lives and it learns for the most part.

Hey, you ever hear of Robbins?

Timmy nods.

He’s always talking about personal power and ways of discovering your own inner strength and things like that.  I like Robbins, even been to his programs, walked on hot coal, the whole nine.  He changed my life.  Made me see how I could use the power of my mind to change my perception of things.

You need to think about your current situation like Robbins would.  You need to recognize that today is a day where things will be different.  Today is the day where you will start on a new adventure because it’s all in you…doesn’t matter if I chop off your hand.

Timmy jumps off his bar stool.

Say it like Robbins, son.  I CAN BE WHO I WISH TO BE!  Say it, say it like Robbins.  I CAN BE WHO I WISH TO BE!!  (beat)  SAY IT!!!

TIMMY:  I can be…


TIMMY:  Who I wish, to be.

SLIM:  Again!  Louder!

The Bartender chimes in saying the phrase, too.

TIMMY:  I can be who I wish to be!

SLIM:  You bet your ass you can.  Now place the palm of your hand on that bar counter.  Do it!

Timmy places his hand on top of the bar counter.

Slim quickly straps one end of a leather belt around Timothy’s wrist and the other end around the bar tap.

Slim then markers in the letter S right above Timmy’s wrist and right after stuffs a handkerchief in his mouth.

SLIM:  S marks the spot!

Standing on top of the bar counter, Slim hoists up his axe.

SLIM:  Say it again, son!  I…CAN…BE—

TIMMY:  (screaming through handkerchief)  WHO I WISH TO BE!!!

Slim brings down the axe.


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