Sad Face

In short 5 minute script Sad Face, BOB and TINA talk on their outside porch about someone they both care about but who constantly causes them drama.  2 people.

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Sad Face

Bob: What? What? What?

Tina: You know what, don’t you dare make me say what.

Bob: You’re too serious about it.

Tina: Am I? Am I too serious about it—

Bob: Alright, alright. Christ! I’ll talk to him.

Tina glares at Bob.

Bob: I said I’ll talk to him, alright? Get off my ass about it now.

Tina: I don’t know.

Bob: What don’t you know?

Tina: I don’t know…

Bob: …What don’t you know, Tina?

Tina: I’m realizing now, it’s the same story. Doesn’t matter what you tell him. The same shit is gonna happen again and again. Why bother?

Bob: So now you’re telling me not to talk to him?

Tina: Do what you want.

Bob: I will do what I want.

Tina: So do it then.

Bob: I will!


Bob: You’re right.

Tina: Am I?

Bob: Yeah, yeah. You’re right.

Tina: I am.

Bob: What am I supposed to do?


Tina: It’s about you.

Bob: Me?

Tina: You can’t keep burning your energy on him.

Bob: Right.

Tina: You just can’t. Afterwards, you’re always depressed cause you’re drained. He drains you! And then I have to deal with the attitude and sad face.

Bob: Yeah…yeah…I know.

Tina: Hey! Don’t start. You didn’t even speak to him. But you see? See how your behavior just changed? That’s what I’m talking about. You can’t have that anymore. It’s really, it’s not right.

Bob: I’m the only one there for him. If I turn my back, there’s no one else.

Tina: You’re not his father, Bob. He’s a grown man. You can’t continue to give him advice, advice he never listens to and if you ask me, you’re the one who’s starting to look like the moron.

Bob: Thanks.

Tina: It’s the truth.

Bob: This sucks.

Tina: Yes it does.


Joseph Arnone


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