Sake of Satisfaction

In Sake of Satisfaction, Hepburn talks to a stranger who has questioned his motives for the career path he has chosen.

HEPBURN:  It’s like you’re taunting me…dangling a carefully selected worm in front of me, waiting, hoping I will nibble, so that you may capture my existence…you can’t capture what does not exist…I am the air you breathe…but I will share a bit of something with you, I’ll give you a crumb or two for the sake of satisfaction.

It all comes from something we can never understand, at least, not at the present time…I am only a small fragment, a builder of some kind, designed to do exactly what I do…like a program..never to have answers, only questions.

Those idiomatic phrases…enjoyable, nonetheless…meaningless, absolutely.

That’s all for now.

Clever…but, that’s all for now.

Joseph Arnone


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