Same Thing

In this teen girl monologue Same Thing, TARA confronts her friend about how competitive she seems to be with her all the time.

TARA: Why do you always feel the need to do that?  You don’t have to be so competitive all the time if we’re friends.  We are friends, aren’t we?  (beat) Then why do you always try to one up me?  If I get a lipstick, you get the same one, if I get a blouse, you have to get the same one, in a different color, if I like a guy, you have to try to hook up with him.  What’s your deal?


I feel like whatever I do or want you go after the same things.  I don’t know if it’s cause your jealous of me or insecure with yourself.  I want you to do your own thing and be your own person and stop chipping away at what I have going on.

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