Say It

This is a monologue that explores an interracial relationship.  An argument has taken place and TiAnna confronts her boyfriend in it’s immediate aftermath.

TIANNA:  Say it…go on…say it.  Even though you didn’t say it, I still heard it.  I felt it reach the tip of your tongue but you thought better of it…didn’t you?  That still doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t say it.

I can’t blame you.  It’s something that’s been built in you, nurtured and watered over time, until it grew strong enough to have its own mind.

Maybe being with me is just your way of giving yourself some sort of relief for having grown this large racial tree inside yourself.  Being with me, so you thought, would somehow remove what’s been planted in you, that you somehow can’t seem to dislodge on your own, with your own strength, no matter how hard you’ve tried and weakened it, always stands firm.

Maybe being with me is an act of rebellion and maybe that’s all it will ever be.  Maybe loving me is just a myth, something that’s only thought on with good intention but never acted on with true passion.

…Say it…go on…say it.

Joseph Arnone


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