Say Nothing

In the dramatic monologue Say Nothing, M/F is upset over the fact that someone uses the death of a person for shameless self-promotion.

M/F:  It’s always struck me as kind of sad when someone uses someone’s death as a way for self-promotion, while all the while hiding behind a great wall of proclaimed love.  Very few people are keen enough to penetrate such deceitfulness.  Now, there is always a cloak of truth to it or else it would not be so invisible, however, if pressed by the right person, the trickery would be discovered…the facts always outweigh the b.s.  To make great claims about the deceased and in the same sentence promote an agenda is downright troublesome and cruel. There are those who can write books and not utter a word of themselves in honor of the person who had passed.  Yet, there will always be the reject who shakes hands, smiles and hugs while all the while looking to gain some ground for an all too important self-purpose. Sadly, those that suffer in great pain for the apparent loss, are too blind to such tactics.  Only those who have truly been trained by the master, will be capable of seeing the truth of the behavior from which was taught.  Those are the ones who see everything, yet say nothing…


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