Scratched Open and Bleeding

Older sister KELLY talks to younger sister SALLY about not listening to everything her friends tell her to do, despite herself.

Kelly:  Why do you listen to everything Sara says?  Does she control you or something?  Not everything she says is the be all end all.

You need to start thinking for yourself.  I keep telling you to be a leader, not a follower.  Don’t be a sucker for your friends.  Learn how to be your own person or else you’re going to get pushed around in life and never have your own voice.

The reason why your knee is scratched open and bleeding is because you listened to Sara.  You didn’t need to see if you could jump over the railing.  Why?  What good would that do anybody other than giving Sara a good laugh?  And look, you got hurt.

Don’t be the designated clown!  (beat)  I care about you…I don’t want you being taken advantage of without realizing it and I want you to be able to stand up for yourself, without me going and talking to Sara for you, okay?

(beat) Your knee isn’t that bad.  It could have been worse.

Joseph Arnone


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