See The Good

In this monologue, MALE/FEMALE talks about seeing the good in life and in people when things seem to get too difficult.

M/F:  Too many of us, myself included, get depressed because we get stuck on seeing the crap that goes on in this world.  We let the negative things in life get the best of us on some days.  We forget to see the good.

Where is the good?  It’s all around you.  It’s the way a kitten sleeps curled up on a pillow or when a baby smiles.  It’s the way a father has a catch with his son or the way a child builds a sand castle at the beach.  It’s the way the moon glows at night or how the sun shines warm and bright…it’s a smile from an old woman who’s dying or the hug a man gives his wife.  It’s the sound of someone telling you they love you, for the very first time…

There’s beauty with the way a trees branches sway from a breeze or a skyline from a city that was built by people.  There’s goodness in invention, literature, science, art…there’s goodness in things we do not understand about this life.  See the good in the bad; see the good in the sad; see the good in tough situations or when people come together for a cause; see the good against the wrong and the good against pain.  See the good.  See the beauty.

See the love.  See the love…

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