Shooting Practice

In the crime monologue Shooting Practice, Izzi talks about teaching his nephew how to shoot a gun to his sister, the boy’s mother.

IZZI:  It was like teaching an infant at first.  I mean, we had a good choke about it but at first I was a bit puzzled.  I looked at him and couldn’t believe he was from Kentucky.  (imitating nephew holding gun) He held the gun like this, like he was impaired.  Damn if your Grandfather saw that!  (he laughs)

We went out back for some target practice. I had him shoot a tree to kind of get used to the feel of the kick.  After a few rounds, I saw he began taking to it, so much so that I was yet again puzzled by how well he was shooting!

My nephew went from a type of shy kid to a young man by the time the sun started to drop.  I watched this timid boy turn into a young man right before my very own two eyes. He’s ready for war damn it.  Ain’t that right, Kenneth?

Boy, you should have seen him Mel, he was great.  Took me back to when old Poppa took me and Wilson out there over by Red Creek near Patty’s pond.  Yeah…say you make them mash potatoes?


Oh good, good.  Yeah.  Well, that’s it for now young man.  Why don’t you go shower up and get ready for the best grub this side of the county?  (he laughs)

(Kenneth runs upstairs)

He’s a great boy.  Love him to bits.  Thanks for letting me spend some time with him.  He needs that…so do I.

Joseph Arnone


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