Monologue Blogger ePlays

In this one-act ePlay, TIA makes her final attempt at saving the man she loves, CRIS, by trying to get him to go to rehab and face his reality, before he skips town. 

My Side of Things Cover

In this one-act ePlay, Clara and her sister Tyra rediscover their deep bond after painful admissions get made. 

In this one-act ePlay, Sally visits her best friend Helena to share exciting news only to be shut down over Helena’s never-ending problems. 

In this one act ePlay, LANA gets inside her best friend JILL’S life to help her rediscover herself and walk away from the destructive path she’s been traveling down. 

In this one-act ePlay, Tom is pleased with himself that he has finally gotten revenge on a man who always seems to get the best of him but a turn of events takes place that makes all his enjoyment bittersweet.

In this one-act ePlay, two sisters who are complete opposites, come face to face on things they’ve held deep inside for years. 

In this one-act eplay, Derek and Jeanine disagree on the correct size clothing Derek should be wearing.

In this one-act play, Donnie goes back in time to shed light on his present day state of mind, to try and make peace with his best friend’s suicide. 

Fungus Among Us Comedic Play

In this one-act play, ALEXA and MARA team up to battle it out with what they believe to be a possible creature residing in their refrigerator. 

In this one-act play, Jeremy reveals to fiancé Janet that he wishes for them to move to his home town down south and it isn’t what Janet has in mind. 

In this one-act play, Drizzle talks to Frank about how he needs to exercise better responsibility at work but soon discovers that Frank has other plans for his future. 

Comfort Zone

In this one-act play, Lara and her boyfriend Jake are on their way to a rave but don’t leave their place until a couple of ‘issues’ get discussed.  

Inner Core

In this one-act play, Shelly talks to her therapist Doctor Lambert about how she wishes she could start over and oddly enough, Shelly’s request may prove to be scientifically yet secretly possible. 

In this one-act play, Littia releases her anxiety to her husband Jed over the fact that she has singlehandedly been raising their baby and demands Jed step up and help promised or else.

In this one-act play, Cher talks to her dear friend Lea about not being certain if she is still attractive to men. 

Pit of My Stomach

In this one-act play, CHARLIE does his best to convince his daughter NINA to do one last robbery, before calling it quits and starting a new life.

In this short play, DASANA tries to talk sense to her boyfriend BENJAMIN, who is a writer not too pleased with his short story output to make a living.

Contents Flammable

In this one-act play, NORA is the newest member of a group of mothers who have experienced a tragic event with their child.

CARLSTON is at the end of his rope when confronting JIM, a reporter who was forced to write a major news story.  However, this one-act play has a turn of events that Jim never saw coming.

In this one-act play, TALIYAH spends the weekend at her AUNTIE’S home in order to gain some much needed clarity on her strained relationship with her mother.

Treat Me Nice

In this one-act play, CORINNE and MOM live together and try to find a deeper closeness by discussing the father/husband that abandoned them. 

In this one-act play, MEL crashes in on BILLY and BECKY’s life for two years, things finally reach their breaking point. 

Agree To Disagree

In this one-act play, HARPA hears eye-opening truth from her good friend AVA for the first time. 

In this one-act play, Jeffrey resides in an asylum and receives a visitation from his actor friend.

In this one-act play, Crystal and her boyfriend Jeff discuss whether or not they should break up. 

One Thing

In this one-act ePlay, Brianna talks to the guy she likes and to her friend about how she doesn’t want to be used for one thing only.

Darling Face

In this one-act play, Beverly gets her husband Judd to agree to building her a rocket ship.

In this one-act play, MILANI sits alone in the woods when she is approached by a school friend named SEAMUS, who shows her a feather from what he believes is his own angel. 

Just So You Know ePlay

In this short play, two teen sisters go head to head but try to find a common ground to see eye to eye.

See Me

In this one-act play, Alina stands up to her parents from their response to her career choice of being an actress.

WILMA is deeply depressed.  While taking her scheduled lunch, she talks with co-worker BOOSH who invites her to visit a secret and magical place in New York’s Chinatown.  One-act play.

Since Childhood ePlay

In this one-act play, childhood best friends ZOE and RICKY have not seen each other in almost a year’s time and ZOE holds a deep secret that she’s kept from Ricky since he left to go to college.

SAHARA approaches M/F to make a new friend but is her real motive may be something way more sinister than meets the eye in this one-act play.

In this short play, RAYLA and her boyfriend DARREN are on the verge of breaking up after years of being together, however, before they call it quits, a surprise is in store that will make them reconsider staying together. 

JESSE and JULIET are hanging out at the beach discussing the possibility of breaking up if Jesse can’t get over his inner demons and mood swings in this one-act play. 

In this short play SHADIRA and her MOTHER talk about more than just the pressures of Shadira’s skating commitments.  Family issues also creep up. 

This one act play is between two lovers, MELANIE and her boyfriend LEO.  Melanie’s dark past gets revealed and sheds light for Leo on their relationship.

I'm Not Dumb

In this one act play, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Gardner seeks to help High School student Tabitha with her studies and her insecurities.

Michelle and Marsha try to come to terms with what they feel isn’t the greatest of families.  This one act play covers love, trust and acceptance.

Bubble World

Two cousins have different points of view on the things that interest them the most and this causes a division in their relationship.  The issue gets confronted in this one act play for two female teenagers.

Potato Head

RONDA tries her hardest to get her cousin SARHA to go out with her and her friends on this one particular night. 

Protective Shield ePlay

In this one-act play, Rita talks to her friend about how she has a difficult time opening up to people she cares about. 

In this one-act play, NAOMI opens up to her Aunt about a circle of depression she encounters in her life. Her Aunt shares her own personal story with her which grows their bond. 

No Comparison

CORDELIA and SOPHIA encounter a pivotal moment within their friendship.  As this one act play unfolds we see how true of a relationship these two young women really have.

Acting Different Play

CASSANDRA confides in her boyfriend ROBERT about he has been putting on a ‘switch’ in his personality whenever they are alone versus when they are in front of his friends.

In this one-act play, LINDA talks to a stranger she met in a park about not having the confidence to be herself.

The Bear

In this one-act play, Tiffany talks with her teacher to try and gain clarity on the stresses she has in her creative work.

Coffee Table

MELANIE sits in her room in the psycho ward facility, talking with ANDREW about the possibility of hurting NURSE STEIN, but all isn’t as it seems in this one act play. 

Into The Cold Night Air With You

This one-act play is the story of a brokenhearted woman (LINDA) and her cab driver (AL) who appeal to one another’s pain. 

Two Shades Away

In this one-act play, Melanie has been doubting herself for far too long…her good friend Charla makes her realize the importance of following her dreams. 

Phone Calls

Meagan is stressed out over Frank who is a new guy she met and who apparently happens to be using the guys ‘three day rule’ on her.  Her best friend Natalie tries to talk some sense into her in this one act comedic play.

In this one-act play, BEVERLY talks to her MOTHER about how she can’t seem to fit in at High School.

In this one-act play, Anita confronts her neighbor about seeing her cheat on her husband. 

A one-act play between two parents coming to terms with the man their daughter is dating.

This is a one-act play about CHARLIE, a man at the end of his rope, who undergoes a final series of life memories, while talking to his best friend in the whole wide world, an ironclad statue of a whale.

A comedic one act play involving KIM and PAM, two friends who are sick of guys trying to pick them up.

This is a one-act play about CHARLIE and TULA, two creative dreamers with nothing in the world but their hopes in one another. 

Burden of Being taken Mini

BAKER comes home from the war and the repercussions of it reveal its impact on one small family in this one-act play. 

In this short play, the KILLER may have met his match with his latest VICTIM as they exchange a battle of wits that may result in a surprising outcome.

In the one act play MAPLE ROAD, Marshall struggles with his identity and turns to his father, who doesn’t seem to be able to help him.