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MB Short Films has become a powerful resource for short film creators to market their film projects through our global audience.

  • Monologue Blogger’s goal is simple:  Help short film creators share their stories.

MB is selective with the short films chosen to be shared with our online audience. Not all short films submitted are accepted.

If your short film is accepted, here is what you receive.

  • Review of short film.
  • Social media share.
  • Potential Interview.

PLEASE NOTE: We only consider reviewing short films that have been made within the last 6 months. Short films made beyond that time frame will unfortunately be disqualified.

MB Submission Guidelines

Before You Submit Your Film – Please Read


  • Length – short films no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Rights – you must be the owner of the short film and have all necessary rights to share it.

What We Prefer

  • Narratives
  • Unique Ideas, Original Voices
  • Good Storytelling

What We Don’t Consider

  • Pornography
  • Music Videos
  • Photo Time Lapse Movies
  • Commercials/Infomercials

If Your Film Is Chosen

  • You will be notified that a review of your film is going to be published live on MB Short Films.


Can I submit more than one film?

Does my short film have to be on Vimeo and YouTube only?
Any link where we can watch your short film in good quality is perfectly fine.

If I submit my film to you, am I locked into an exclusive viewing contract?
No. We only wish to share your work.  There are no contracts involved.

Short Film Submission

By submitting your short film to Monologue Blogger’s Short Film Channel (MB Short Films) you are granting us permission to embed your short film on MB’s  Short Film Channel website to share with our audience and help gain you exposure.

Send short film submissions to:

Please include the following.

  • Title of short film
  • Brief synopsis of short film
  • Contact information (name/email ect)