Show And Tell

In this children’s monologue Show and Tell, Annamarie is a 10 year old girl whose father never made it to show and tell for her class.

ANNAMARIE:  Mommy, why didn’t daddy show up to my show and tell today?  (beat)  But I waited in class for him and he should have called.  I told my teacher that he was a plumber and he was supposed to come in school today and show all his tools.  My daddy was the only one who wasn’t there.  All the other daddy’s were there mom.  (beat)  It’s not fair.

I don’t want to call him up on the phone and I don’t care if he’s sorry.  He said he was coming and he lied to me.  He’s a liar!  I’m mad at him and am not talking to him.  He said he was coming and he lied to me and my friends were laughing and making fun of me mom.  He should have called my teacher Mrs. Kutcher on the phone and tell her he wasn’t coming. 

I made drawings and everything.

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