Silent Treatment

In Silent Treatment, this dramatic monologue is good for a man or woman who is undergoing major ignore treatment form their partner.

M/F: What’s wrong?  …What happened?  Why you in such a mood?  You can’t talk to me?  Is it something I did?  Did I do something?  What?  What is it? Can’t you talk to me?  Is this the silent treatment?  Is that what you’re doing?  Are you giving me the silent treatment?  Why do you always do this when you’re upset with me?  Don’t you think it’s better to talk about it?  Why do you do this to me all the time?  Do you really think that this is going to solve things or improve things between us?  Do you ever take my feelings into consideration?  Do you ever think that this makes me extremely frustrated and crazy?!  Is that why you do it?  Do you think I’m a mind reader?? Do you want me to go completely insane at some point in this relationship?!


Why can’t you just tell me the point of all of this?

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