Silhouette of Man

In this monologue, DJANGO talks about how he was kidnapped, drugged and had a healthy organ surgically removed from his body.

DJANGO: It was as if I felt it coming, before it happened. And then, it did. Thump! I woke up to darkness. Absolute blackness. My eyeballs rotated in their sockets wildly searching for an object, an image, anything, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t even make out any shadows. I listened…sounded like a machine and I felt vibrations buzzing beneath me. I listened…sounded like motion, like I was floating through space. Faint winds escaped all around me, petting my body. Thump! My body lifted up in air and my forehead rammed into something solid above, crashing back down, startling my senses. My brain echoed inside its skull as I slowly regained clear thought.

Motion slowed down. The vibrations came to an abrupt halt. Everything was silenced. All I could decipher was my own irregular breathing. Then, footsteps crunching down on dirt or gravel. Quick. Closer. Silence. Quick. Further. Gone. A metal clank squeaked open followed by a sudden closed bang. Footsteps. Different. Slow. Deliberate. Closer. A noise. Keys. Keys jingled right by my ears. A metal twist followed by a birth of blinding light. I tried to keep my eyes open but the brightness of the light wrestled my eye lids shut. All I was able to make out was a silhouette of man. I think he had a go-tee and his cheeks were plump white but I couldn’t gain any additional details due to the sharp pain entering my head from the powerful light.

A warm liquid came down my nose and slithered into my mouth. I tasted blood and I was struck with disorientation. I caught within my limited sight a flash of gravel ground and brown cowboy boots and light blue denim jeans before utter darkness took over me again. I was being pulled, getting dragged from under my arm pits. I heard animals. Maybe, horses. I smelt the air thicken with a still funk. I was dropped onto something soft but rough. Maybe, hay.

Time had elapsed and the next thing I remember was hearing muffled voices. Men. I couldn’t detect how many. Possibly, three. It sounded like they were all talking in a bathroom with the door closed in some kind of unclear orchestration. My feet, legs and hands were tied. When I attempted to move, all I could muster was a wiggle before sliding back to my original position due to the smooth like surface I rested on. Slick walls with a stinging odor engulfed me, no matter which way I turned.

I awoke to the sounds of something familiar. The kind of sound that reminded me of laying back in a dentists chair. This noise was very similar to the noise of a powered drill. My body knew more about what was going on then I did. I was hot, sweaty and muggy. I heard this drill noise go from a slow tempo to an accelerated tempo. Each time it sped up, I would be met with a slight tingle up and down my spine, while a distinct foreign smell would enter my nostrils. This became a routine, that took place countless times until without any warning, my legs began to kick wildly on their own.

Someone grabbed hold of my ankles and additional weight rested on my knees. I began to feel more than just a tingle now. This was something more than discomfort. It was then that I realized I had been screaming all along because all of a sudden a voice was heard deep, deep down inside my throat, clawing its way up my esophagus, bubbling over and violently slapping my tongue wickedly with panic, creating a low, agonizing GASP. My inner voice fought to inform me that something cruel, something unimaginable was taking shape within me.

I could not move. I was stiff and unfamiliar sensations began to overtake me. I was being probed, like a fisherman driving his hook lines into his bait. A violent rush of fierce pain struck me from head to toe but was most dominant in my mid-section. What the was going on??? What is happening to me??? Who is doing what to me??? And then, a crunch, a tug, pulling, pulling, pulling and twisting, yanking, until finally I heard the numbing sound of a snap! My entire body went out on me and my brain faded out to nothingness.

My eyes glittered, glimpses of a ceiling of some sort. Old deteriorating wood with triangular arches. Another flash of focus, this time not as blurry of a hole in the roof with a hopeful beam of light peering through. A bulge in my neck made itself known to me. Pulsating and moving to my throat. I couldn’t breath. I stopped breathing and the only way to escape it was to turn sideways and open my mouth. I hurled. Bright green vomit with a philm of faded orange and white exuded uncontrollably out from the hell that was removed from me. Faint whiffs of gentle steam caressed my cheeks and floated upwards into my nose. A death aroma of leftover rotting flesh sharpened my senses. My eyes were back within my control and I observed that I was laying on a bed of half melted ice cubes. I barely raised my head up and my neck wobbled from side to side, trying to understand…


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