Size Shoe Ten

In this monologue, SAM is a detective investigating a double homicide of two people, one man and one woman discovered naked in the woods.

Sam: Your head is as thick as concrete, which is why nothing gets in.  Not sure how much comes out, either. (sips his coffee)  To busy trying to play TV detective…take them shades off your face…there’s a process to how we do things around here…not sure what you boys do back up north but in these parts we take time to actually process a thought.

We found the bodies stacked on top of one another.  Man on top of woman, apparently in the act of…you know, two bullet holes shot through his left shoulder blade, two bullets holes in the center of her chest.  The way we found them is exactly the way they died.  Everything lines up, which means the suspect was standing right where you are standing this very moment.  It was quick.  A walk up, two shots and gone.

It appears to be a man, size shoe ten.  We have the deceased woman’s boyfriend in custody now for questioning.  I’m going back to the precinct but I want you to re-engage with this atmosphere, these two dead people and give the full report of your analysis.

…The strange thing is that the two bullet holes do not match.  It was two different guns.  Figure out why…also figure out how the man died, it was not from the two bullet wounds.

(sips his coffee)

This was a staging.  You know about that term from the theatre?  A staging?  These two people were placed here alive before they were murdered. This was not random.


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