In this female serio-comic monologue Snore, MELINA talks to her husband about how he shouldn’t have fallen asleep while she was talking.

MELINA:  I was having this long conversation by myself.  Sharing with you some of the most intimate details of my life and all the while I thought you were so amazingly attentive.  After about fifteen minutes of talking, I was secretly impressed with all the attention you were giving me and I felt so connected to you.  I couldn’t believe how good of a listener you were as I spoke to you about my past and certain choices I’ve made in my life and it was touching.  And then…it happened..the loudest SNORE I ever heard in all my life.  You completely shook the bed and made me jump.  I looked over and there you were, out cold.

You left me hanging, Wilbur.  You left me out to dry with my most cherished feelings.  My feelings of love quickly turned to disappointment and then sadness and then stupidity cause I realized most of the time I was talking to a sleeping man.

Joseph Arnone


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