So Cute!

In So Cute!, Mimi sits with her friends in the school cafeteria. She just spoke to the hottest boy in school, that all the girls are crushing on.

MIMI: Oh My God! Do you think he likes me?


He is sooooo cute. So cute! I can’t believe he came over and started talking to me. Oh my God, do I look okay? Did I look alright when he was talking to me? Oh my God, I feel my face is red, I feel hot. Was my face red when he was talking to me? Was I blushing? Oh my God, was I BLUSHING?!

No, No? I was cool? I was cool? Okay good.


I was soooo nervous. So nervous! Up close, he has these really dark blue eyes. So dreamy! So, So dreamy!


(the boy she likes happens to walk by)

(to her friends)

Shh! Shhh!


He is so cute!

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