Sounds Like Elephant

This scene has the context of a 1940’s Hollywood crime film, combined with only a touch of a more modern dialogue.

Sounds Like Elephant

(Speaking to the bartender)

MAX: Call the bitch up and tell her I’m here…

CATHY: The bitch is right behind you…

MAX: Where’ve you been?

CATHY: None of your business.

MAX: No? Who takes care of ya?

CATHY: I take care of me.

MAX: Who buys you those fancy furs? Who buys you those diamonds around ya neck? Who pays for you to stay in this hotel?

CATHY: You call this dive a hotel?

MAX: Better than the streets.

CATHY: What do you want?

MAX: You know what I want.

CATHY: Yeah? Well, the answer is no.

MAX: Listen, before I start smacking the shit out of you, I’m going to ask you one time, where is Brandy?

CATHY: Haven’t seen her.

(Max slaps Cathy hard)

MAX: Where is she?

CATHY: Haven’t seen her.

(Max smacks Cathy even harder)

MAX: This can go on all afternoon. I know you’re a tough bitch. I’ll just put one in your head and call it a day. I really don’t give a shit and you know I don’t.

(Max pulls out gun and stuffs it in Cathy’s mouth. She mumbles. Max takes out gun.)

CATHY: You win, you bastard. I’ll tell you where she is…just give me a second—


CATHY: She went down to Miami. She hooked up with some guy by the name of Marcos. He runs a club down there. I forget the name…sounds like elephant. She wants to start a new life for herself. Can’t you leave her be?

MAX: Go clean yourself up.

CATHY: You can’t control everything, Max! Sooner or later people will break free of you. You have to know that. You can’t own the world.

MAX: I can own my world.

CATHY:  …I could take a few hits with the best of ’em. That never bothered me none. But you never gave a shit about me. I was just another girl you could own and boss around. There was never anything real because you don’t know anything about being real. You’re too scared. You hear me? You’re too damn scared to be a real man!

(Max stares at Cathy who slowly walks away)

(Max goes on his cellphone)

MAX: Freddy, listen to me.  I need you to go down Miami for me and find Brandy. Bring her back here to me.  She’s with a guy named Marcos who runs a club down there.  Do your homework and make it snappy.

(Max hangs up his phone)

(Cathy comes back with a wet handkerchief over her mouth)

MAX: How’s your lip?

CATHY: Go kill yourself.

MAX: No, really…did I hurt you that bad?

(Cathy shows him her mouth)

CATHY: She’s a good girl, Max. If you…just let her be.

MAX: She owes me.

CATHY: We all owe you. Let this one go.

MAX: Oh yeah? You wanna take on her debt to me?

CATHY: …Sure.

MAX: You would do that for this girl?

CATHY: I’m never leaving this place and you know it.

MAX: Alright, Cathy. Have it your way.

(Cathy walks away)


Joseph Arnone


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