Span of Time

In drama monologue Span of Time, D.F. Chesterfield holds court at a private meeting with a small group of highly competitive business leaders.

D.F. Chesterfield:  I’m trying real hard to be a dignified man, an honest man, a man with character, integrity and a sound reputation…up until this point I’ve upheld my end of the bargain with the various parties I deal with.

But sometimes, sometimes there’s nothing I can see other than chaos and smoke, brought on this past year, by all of your actions.

We’ve met about the same time last year, we made agreements, agreements that did not last during a twelve month span of time.  Agreements, I feel, I believe were solid…at least, as solid as they can be because the men in this room made them.

Gentleman, it is up to us, you see, it is only up to us to forge together an act of genuine decision making in order for the whole system to run properly.

I’m not trying to point the finger, we are all to blame but we cannot go any further if we do not work this thing out.

I understand competition, I understand the need to take the offense, to defend one’s livelihood.

You must know that I’ve invested a fair share of capitol in this arrangement…yes, I am the senior and handle such aspects of funding on both sides of the Atlantic but since I am senior, I also hold a grand responsibility to my brand.

Are you gentleman going to hurt my brand?


What’s at stake isn’t so much about money.  We can all make money and we have all made money, enough money to last ten lifetimes…

I would very much like to see that all parties here today will make their own senior decision on behalf of the common good of enterprise.

When all of you work together, everyone benefits equally.

Does any dignified individual sitting here today care to speak out against me?  (beat)  Does any dignified individual wish to become my enemy?  (beat)

There is no reason why this cannot be brought to silence.  For if it isn’t brought to silence this evening, I shall be the one to bring silence to all of you.

I’m going to supper, then I am taking a ride through town, upon my return, I would like to imagine that the paperwork will be carefully ironed out for my signature.

Joseph Arnone


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