‘Spearhunter’ And The Art Of Hunting

Spearhunter is a short documentary film from directors Adam Roffman and Luke Poling. The film is about Gene Morris, a spear hunter from Alabama who created a museum from everything he hunted.

In the beginning of Spearhunter, interviews with his ex wife and his former girlfriend are included. They give the audience the information that Morris was obsessed with hunting, and decided to start spear hunting when hunting with guns became too easy for him. The two women paint Gene Morris as an egotistical man whose joy in life came from his hunting.

The audience learns that Morris wanted to create this museum because he was so dedicated to what he did. He wanted to keep the hobby of hunting alive, and keep people interested in it. He was extremely dedicated to building his museum.

Throughout the film, interviews with museum employees who idolize him are included. They speak of how he kept this art alive, and how everything in the museum was killed with a spear by him. Morris viewed these artifacts as trophies of what he accomplished, and wanted to share them with the world. Morris also claimed that he was able to be able to kill two animals at one time, and made videos of his hunting. Morris passed away in 2011 from a heart attack, but his legacy in his community still lives on.

Overall, Spearhunter is a short documentary film with an intense mood. It tells the story of Morris in a way that recognizes his flaws, but still shows how much people in his communities look up to him and idolize what he did in his lifetime. Spearhunter is moody and tells the story of Gene Morris in a way that will make the audience either love him or fear him.

Lauren Richardson

Lauren is currently an undergrad journalism student in New Hampshire. She can often be found listening to music or writing. She is currently a contributing writer for her University’s newspaper as well as Monologue Blogger. Lauren is a dedicated student and hopes to find a career in writing or content creation.

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