Spinning In Space

A monologue about the desire to know more about what we all know about.

CHASTAIN:  It’s a weird place.  Somewhere between wide awake and sleeping. Cold.  All from my mind.  Control.  Together but unsure.

A very strange place.

Like, when you see the Moon during the day.

It’s all my own free will but yet feels preplanned.


Do you think you are really real?  What proof do you have?  What constitutes itself as actual believable proof?  Based on what you think is reality?

Where is the other side of this life?  There is, there is another side to this existence.

We are spinning in space and you are worried about your rent, mortgage, car payment, phone bill, job, lover, friend, husband, kids, mother, sister, brother, cousin, enemy…worried about your computer, homework, your dog, your cat, your rug, your refrigerator, couch, lawn, nail polish, headphones, your dead bird, tweezing the hairs from your nose, make-up, laundry, religion, politics, science, art, don’t forget dinner, ignore your neighbor, say hello and smile, the weather, let’s go to the beach, tonight is our tv show, that celebrity, the doctor, dentist, x-ray, the past, what will tomorrow bring, getting old, dying…


What have you ever thought about in your stupid brain that has been more about what’s distracting you from the mystery of why you breathe?

It will never be unlocked reading gossip columns.

Joseph Arnone