Spring Fling

In this comedic monologue, KYRA talks to Jake about how she wants to be friends and not a couple in their relationship. Ouch for Jakey Boy!

KYRA: Look, I think we should stop seeing one another.  No, no…honestly.  I think we should be friends.


I told you this was just for now, that it wasn’t anything serious Jake.  Yeah but, I care about you too but it isn’t what I want.  I just want to be friends.  Another guy?  No, there isn’t another guy Jake.  I wouldn’t do that.  I’m not like that.  You know that.  I just don’t want to have a boyfriend.  I don’t want anything serious and we were starting to get serious and it’s not what I want.

Spring fling?  What?  No, you’re not just some spring fling?  What do you take me for?  Do I look like some girl who just likes to fool around with guys all the time?  Huh?


Why can’t we just be friends?  What’s the big deal?


Look, I know that you care about me.  I care about you too, just not in that way.  I don’t want to hurt you, please…please don’t be angry with me.  I understand but I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to lead you on.  From the beginning you knew how I felt cause I told you.  I was always honest with you and you told me the same thing.  You said you wanted the same thing.

There’s no reason why we can’t still be friends.  Who knows what the future holds but I don’t want you to feel like there’s hope.  Oh shit, I mean…that came out wrong!  God, what I’m trying to say is don’t wait for me, live your life.  Okay?

Let’s be friends because that’s all I can give you.

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