Stand Up

In the dramatic monologue Stand Up, J talks about going after your dreams and not ever backing down from fear.

J:  Stand up.  You can do it.  You have a dream?  You have to stop at nothing to make that dream possible.  It’s alive in YOU.  Anything you want in this life is possible.  There is no such thing as “forget it”.  You want to be an actor?  Musician?  Dancer?  Entrepreneur?  BE IT.  LIVE IT. DO IT.  Act on what is in your heart and soul, don’t wait for time to pass and slip through your fingers and live in regret…DO IT NOW.

Stand up.  Listen to me, I’ve been knocked down and all around my whole life man.  I get knocked down each day but each day I get back up.  I’ve had people deeply dear to me rip my heart apart and people I’ve looked up to and admired stomp me down but I’ve always kept moving.  There’s always a way to wiggle your way out from beneath someone’s shoe hold.  If you keep moving, you’re still breathing and if you’re still breathing, than you can have another at bat.  Don’t ever stop.

It’s so important for all of us to follow our dreams.  To follow what we love to do and what we believe in.  Find what you are good at and execute daily on it.  Stop listening to people telling you it can’t be done because IT CAN.  Whatever that thing is inside yourself, don’t keep it in any more, ACT ON IT, please, you have to because the world needs you to.

Not to get religious but God gives us each a gift, a talent, a skill, something we are good at, whatever you wish to call it…it’s your responsibility to stand up and take it, give it and own it. Don’t sit on it and waste it…live your life, take the hard knocks but if you can move just one little millimeter towards it, you are that much closer.  Don’t let the world kick your ass.  When it pushes you, push back harder.  Want it.  STAND UP.

And when you get there, work even harder.

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