Star Quality

In this monologue, GIANNA talks to her boyfriend shocked about how he was able to literally switch his personality with someone so easily.

Gianna: I can’t believe how phony you were tonight.  For the entire performance all you did was rag on it.  She had a terrible voice, she looked like a moron, she couldn’t dance but when we get introduced to her after the show you go on and on about how great she was!

I thought I was standing next to someone else when I heard you going on about how amazing she was and that she was star quality.  That’s what it was, STAR QUALITY, you said.  Did you hear yourself?

How do you go from ‘She sucks’ to ‘Oh, you were so amazing to watch’?  Your bullshit level was on its ‘A’ game.  And you were so believable that you actually made me believe you loved the show!

How do you do that?  How do you believe your own bullshit so well?

Joseph Arnone