Stare Down

This is a short scripted scene for two teenagers in High School.  The action takes place in a hallway right after the classroom bell sounds.  

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Stare Down

Ben: Why do you always have to give me dirty looks?

Audrey: Cause you’re always staring at me.

Ben: So, I can’t look at you?

Audrey: Why do you have to look at me?

Ben: You sit across from me. We face each other.

Audrey: Well, I don’t have a problem looking at you.

Ben: Then how do you know I look at you?

Audrey: Because I sense it and when I look up, I’m right.

Ben: If you don’t like it, change your seat or something.

Audrey: You change your seat. I’m not changing my seat. I don’t have to change my seat.

Ben: You’re the one with the problem.

Audrey: No. You are. You’re the one who keeps looking at me. Just don’t look at me anymore.

Ben: I can’t make no promises.

Audrey: Why’s that so hard? Just don’t look in my direction.

Ben: We face eachother, Audrey. How can I not see you?

Audrey: Fine! But don’t STARE at me. It’s one thing to look, it’s another thing to stare all the time.

Ben: Wait. I wasn’t staring.

Audrey: Uhhh, yes you were. I always catch you staring.

Ben: I don’t stare at you.

Audrey: Yes you do. It’s obvious.

Ben: There’s nothing obvious cause I wasn’t staring. I looked at you but I wasn’t staring at you.

Audrey: Okay.

Ben: Why are you so nasty all the time?

Audrey: I don’t like people invading my space. Staring, looking, glancing invades my space. Get it?

Ben: Yeah, whatever. Don’t look at me either.

Audrey: Yeah, okay.

Ben: Don’t think I don’t catch you too.

Audrey: WHAT?!

Ben: Yeah, don’t play yourself. You look at me all the time and try to play it off.

Audrey: Are you on drugs?

Ben: Just admit it.

Audrey: Don’t try to turn this all around on me.

Ben: I’m not. The truth is the truth. Cause you like me.

Audrey: Don’t even try, Ben.

Ben: You do. Cause you like me.

Audrey: You like me. In fact, you’re in love.

Ben: I do like you.


I do look at you. Cause I like looking at you.

Audrey: You shouldn’t say that stuff…you know I have a boyfriend.

Ben: I know.

Audrey: Yeah, well, damn, this is all awkward now.

Ben: It’s awkward cause you’re feeling me, right?

Audrey: You’re stupid.

(they both smile)

Nah, you stupid, you stupid.

Ben: Alright, well, I’m not about to be the one to come between you and your man.  He’s cool. I’m just saying, if you ever want to chill with me, I’m always gonna be down.

Audrey: Now you’re going too far. You were cute for a second but then you fell back.

Ben: Just putting it out there is all.

Audrey: I gotta go.

Ben: So do I still have to stop looking at you?

(Audrey makes a face at Ben and walks away)


Joseph Arnone


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