Stars and Comets

In Stars and Comets, KITTY is going off on her new roommate about how she isn’t going to tolerate her domineering behavior.

KITTY:  Get off my back for once.  Jesus, every single day!  Can’t you just let me do this on my own?! Do you have to constantly get up my ass about it?  Just let me do it, I can do it.  I don’t need you to be here every friggin’ second!!  You’re like a warden!

(beat – she calms down)

…I know you mean well…I know you are only trying to help me but you don’t see how you are, how you get..bossing me around like some kind of Hitler.  Seriously, you are.  We just moved in together, if you are like this now, how will you be five months from now? Damn, what if I left a dirty plate out on the table or my pocketbook on a chair?  Are you one of those clean freaks who will lose it every time I leave a pair of shoes on the floor, after a long day of work?

…No?  (beat) Are you sure?  (beat)  Then let me paint MY room the way I want MY room to be.  If I want to paint stars and comets and write poetry and design whatever, it’s my right and I shouldn’t be criticized by you.  I’m not painting stars in your room, right? Okay, so calm down girl.  Let me have my space and do my own thing.

Joseph Arnone


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