Stay True To Your Gift

In this dramatic teen monologue Stay True To Your Gift, Sharon goes off on her parents for never showing her any support for her dreams and passions.

Sharon:  You may not think so but I was given a gift.  I was given something that I think can help change lives and I want to see this thing through.  I want to make things better, I want to use my superpower and ignite people’s passions.

My whole life you’ve told me I couldn’t be something.  You’ve told me that I was weak and that I’d never amount to nothing.  Well, I got news for you, I’m somebody.  You hear me!  I’m somebody!

And I’m not afraid to be who I’ve set out to be, not for you, not for anybody cause I’m not allowing any of you to hold me down anymore.  I am my own person and I’m breaking free and it feels so damn good to be free!

Do you feel that?  I feel it!  It’s freedom!  Freedom to go my own way and be who I want to be in my life cause it’s my life and I only got one life and I don’t care anymore about your opinion or what you think cause I’m gonna do it on my own without you.

Joseph Arnone


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