Step Down

In the monologue Step Down, Ashton talks to one of his closest friends about not committing suicide.  His friend Roger has called him on his cellphone with suicidal ramblings.  Ashton has gone to the roof of his friend’s building where Roger plans to jump.  

ASHTON: Roger, don’t do this…please don’t do this.  Your life is worth living.  If you jump you are going to break a lot of hearts.  Think about the people who love you.

(Roger: “What the hell do you know?!”)

…Hey, remember when we were teenagers and you witnessed my father giving me a beating after school because I failed my math test?  Do you remember that?

I remember you hid behind the tree in the front yard until my father went back into the house.  I was crying on the steps and then you came over to me.  Remember what you told me?  You said, “Hey, my father beats me too, do you want half my snickers bar?”

(they both share a chuckle)

It was the beginning of us becoming best friends.  We helped each other get past a lot of things growing up, right?  We became brothers.  Listen Roger, if we can get past those tough days, I know we can get past this, TOGETHER.

You are not alone.  I’m going through a ton of hell right now also.  I have two nickels to rub together, I’m on the verge of divorce…my kid, she’s not doing good in school, she’s having a real difficult time actually and believe me, she’s gonna need her Uncle Rog to be around for her man.

You’re better than this and you respect yourself too much to end things this way.  All we have to do is go grab a few beers and talk and if things don’t improve, we can come back up to this ledge and jump off together.  (smiles)  You down?

Joseph Arnone


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