Stop Keeping An Eye On Me

In Stop Keeping An Eye On Me, Zana’s older brother keeps being nosy about what she does, where she goes and who she’s hanging out with.

Zana:  Why do you keep asking me where I’m going?  It’s like whenever I leave the house you want to know where I’m headed?

I’m seeing Doug and my friends. What do you think I’m doing?   Do you think I’m doing drugs and smoking crack and getting wasted?  I’m not like you, so you shouldn’t have to be so up in my grill over it, just because Mom told you to keep an eye on me.

Don’t think I don’t know cause I’m not stupid.  I know she told you because you and Mom talk behind my back all the time like two little girls.

(sarcastic imitation)  Beh beh beh beh beh beh beh!  The two of you, all the time.

Just let me be.  I don’t bother anyone.  Go get your own friends and leave me alone you spy.  What’s next?  Are you gonna follow me?  Hide behind cars and bushes?

Let me be me and learn to trust that I’m responsible and smart and I don’t need you to be watching me all the time.

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