Straight Shooter

In the serio-comedic monologue, Straight Shooter, Al has no choice but to give his cousin the truth as to why he can only go so far in his company.

AL:  Here’s the thing and I have to be honest because if I’m not honest with you, I’d be lying to your face and I don’t want to do that.  You know me long enough to know that I’m a straight shooter and even though you’re my cousin and I love you, I can’t hide things from you.


You’re dumb.  Not dumb in a way where, you know, you aren’t capable of handling some things, basic things but when we go up a notch, like the second or third level up, you start to catch a nose bleed, alright?

This has nothing to do with loyalty and love and trust and all that…you have that one thousand percent.  This has everything to do with brain power.  You don’t have enough electricity flowing through your brain wave.  I keep expecting you to kick in at some point but it’s like (whistles).  Like, you know when you throw a rock into a well and you wait to hear the boom?  With you there’s no boom, there’s just (whistles).  That’s what we get with you.

The good news is that you can still be part of what I have going on.  You can hold the keys but you can’t drive the car, alright?

We’ll figure it out as we go but I wanted to let you know ahead of time before you ask me to drive, this way there’s no accidents.

Come on, let’s hug it out.

Joseph Arnone


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