A yoga instructor is pretty much stunned by her own bodily function while teaching her yoga class packed with students and a room with a closed door.

(sighs) (coughs) (to herself)



INSTRUCTOR:  Do you feel it? Okay, now breeeeeeaaaaaaaatttthhheee. Good, good and back again..hold it..annnnnnnnd brrrrreeeeeeaaaaatttthhhhheeee. Good, good, one more time, back again..hold it..annnnnnnd brrreeeaaaaatttthhhhhee.

(lets out an enormous fart)

Oh. Oh, my. That’s never, that’s never happend to me in class before. I am sorry, sorry. How em (smells the gas and gags) —wow. Okay.. Boy, I didn’t know it would smel–shit. Okay, well, it IS hot.

(People leave the classroom.)

It’s HOT. Yeah. Well, I don’t blame ya! haha! Go get some air, come back in five minutes. I’m going to open up all the windows and put on all the fans. I’m sorry, so sorry for this. Terrible.

Joseph Arnone


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