String of Pearls

In this female drama monologue, SARAH talks to her sister about letting her intuition guide her when it comes to her chosen career path.

SARAH:  I’ve spent alot of time in my life trying to decide which way to go because I have so many interests.  I’ve always admired people who have such a tunnel vision for their life and career.  People who just seem to always have it figured out at a young age.  I’ve never had it like that.  I’ve always been pulled in different directions because my curiosity has always outweighed my logic.  I could never pigeonhole myself into being “just one thing”, even if I happened to be good in a particular area.  I’ve always felt that too limiting to my individuality.

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized that each curiosity helped to shape who and what I am today.  That, without those small adventures I never would have gained knowledge and experiences that I can draw upon for the larger framework of my life.

For me, it all connects and comes together, like a string of pearls.  My advice would be to follow your instinct as your compass because it knows best which way you should be headed.  Don’t listen to outside influences because they can deter you from the true path you must be walking on, within reason.  Before long you will begin to see the image of your life as it unfolds and when that happens, you will be grateful.

Joseph Arnone


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