Practice Test

In Practice Test, GENE complains to his Mother that she needs to stop badgering him because he already studied for tomorrows exam.

GENE: Yeah Mom, I studied, I studied.  How many times are you gonna ask me Mom?  I told you I studied it already.  (beat)  Why do you have to practice test me again, Mom?  Last time I got an eighty-four, so that should already be good enough.  Aaaagh, every single day, I swear.  Why you do have to be on my back all the time?  I just wanna—I took the test with you already, I don’t wanna take it again.  (beat) I won’t fail Mom.  How can I fail if I already got like a B already?  Okay?  Can you just relax and let me relax too?  I’ll pass, I’ll do fine.  Science is easy for me…

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