Subject Matter

Subject Matter is a comedic skit for 2 actors.  Lara may be deliberately playing mind games with her boyfriend or losing her mind.  1 woman, 1 man.  Comedy.

Subject Matter

Lara: Look, Drake, it’s time.
Drake: Time for what?
Lara: It’s time, Drake.
Drake: What the are you talking about?
Lara: You know what you have to do.
Drake: …What?
Lara: Tonight. If you’re not there…we’re done.
Drake: I honestly have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
Lara: Don’t act dumb with me.
Drake: I’m serious. What the hell are you talking about? Tonight, what’s tonight?
Lara: What we have planned.
Drake: What do we have planned?
Lara: You know exactly what we have planned. Don’t try and back out of it now.
Drake: How can I back out of something that I don’t even know what I could be backing out of?!
Lara: I see.
Drake: What?
Lara: If you think I’m going to do this alone, you are out of your mind. I’m not going to hang for this.
Drake: Okay, okay, look, listen…just, listen to me for a minute when I say this please. I have no idea what you are talking about and if you could just explain it all to me, I will be able to respond on the same subject matter.
Lara: Is this a test?
Drake: No. I only want the truth.
Lara: You know the truth.
Drake: Truth?
Lara: The truth of what I say.
Drake: Yes but I don’t know the meaning. Am I going crazy here?
Lara: We’ll see.
Drake: This is some cracked out shit going on. Girl, you are acting like you are hypnotized or something.  (beat) What is going on with you?
Lara: Very clever. See you tonight or we’re done. Ten thirty as planned.

Lara leaves. Drake is stunned.

Drake: (to himself) What is this nutty girl talking about? Is she for real? Ten thirty? What is at ten…oh shit…no, wait…it was switched to…oh damn! Damn!

Drake runs on after Lara.

Lara! Lara!

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