Surprise Visit

In this monologue, Janell speaks in kind to her dearest friend Edna about the chance that her low self-esteem could play a horrible role in the separation with her boyfriend.

Janell: You know what your problem is?  (beat) You have low self-esteem.  That’s why you sneak around your man.  Always inquisitive and indirectly asking him questions on the sly.  I see it.  I see right through your ways.  We know each other a long ass time.  I understand it…I do…but your past doesn’t make your present right.

Calling him at certain times, taking a drive and checking up on him at work, saying it’s a “surprise visit”.  These aren’t good things.  These little paths of the mind you journey on.  It’s not healthy.  It’s not safe.  You think you’re protecting yourself but sooner or later he will catch on to your schemes and that’s when the shit will hit the fan.  (beat)  What will you do then?


You need to believe in him, trust in him and love him for the man he is to you.  He treats you right…better than most men out there and that’s a blessing and for what you went through in your past, woman, you certainly deserve such a man but you will lose him SOON if you don’t learn to trust him.

Joseph Arnone


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