Surprised To See Me?

In Surprised To See Me?, Jackson catches up with his wife who was having an affair and tried to have him murdered but he survived the attempt and has returned months later.

(aiming gun)

Jackson:  Surprised to see me?  (beat)  Thought I’d be washed up and dead by now, right?  I’m not.  I’m back.  Did you miss me?

(he laughs)

I’ve been back.  Wanted to wait a while, before making my presence known.

You doubted me.  Lost faith in me.  Dropped all your trust for me.  Turned your back on me and left me for dead.  Didn’t you?  Very sad.

I’m not someone you can ever dismiss and forget.

How can you?  Remember those star studded nights under the veranda?  Ahh, yes…such lovely memories we’ve shared.

Don’t worry about Todd cause he’s dead.  He’s dead as a doornail, sweetheart.  Dead, dead, dead as can be and now it’s just you and me.  Like old times.

I have a car just outside.  We’re going to take a ride upstate.  I have a place picked out for us and we’re going to see if we can rekindle our relationship.

How does that sound?  Would you like that?

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