Swallow Your Pride

Swallow Your Pride is a dramatic teen monologue, PAMELA talks to her boyfriend about how he needs to stop getting into fist fights. 

PAMELA:  You can’t go on fighting the world.  You can’t keep throwing punches at every single person who says something you don’t like or looks at you funny.  If you care about me you will stop fighting everyone all the time. You need to grow up and learn to ignore people.  If someone says something or does something, you don’t always have to respond by beating them up. This is the second time you’ve been kicked out of school Jake…you have to think about your future and you have to change if you care about me.

Every time we go out, you are always into some kind of situation and all my friends don’t want to deal with that, you know?  I don’t want them to stop liking you because they think you’re always going to cause problems.  And I do care what my friends think about you because I care about you and because I want them to respect me and who I’m dating.

Do you see where I’m coming from in general though?  You can’t keep going on this way, not just for me but for yourself.  You have to want to change and learn to swallow your pride sometimes.

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