Tea Time

A short comedic scene for two actors.  The idea is to have a woman talking from the 20th century and a man talking in modern times. 

Tea Time

H: Good day Mr. Strubel, fancy meeting you here.

W: Whattup, Ma?

H: Have you been tending to your flock?

W: Nah, that sh’t be all crazy and some.

H: Whatever do you mean, Mr. Strubel?

W: B*****s be acting the wild lately.  Sold them off.  Looking to make some investments into some other shizz.

H: Wonderful.  You’ve always had an eye for mindful investments.

W: I do ight, I do ight.  What bout you though?

H: My son has gone abroad for his studies.

W: Where at?

H: He’s an English major but traveling is essential to expanding one’s imagination.

W: I feel you.  He want to write novels and sh’t?

H: I believe so.  He has grand ideals.

W: How so?

H: He’s deeply investigated in discovering new forms.

W: Forms?

H: Pardon me…styles of writing.  Frederick is looking for a new form of expression in literature but isn’t quite certain he can pull it off.

W: You his Momma, whutch you think?

H: He’s a smart young man but genius one never knows.  Sometimes it can take generations before it gets detected.  His writing is refined but one never knows if the work will truly stand on its own.  I envy and pity him at times.  Oh, look at me, I shouldn’t be airing out my laundry in this way Mr. Strubel.

W: It’s all good.  I’m sure Freddy’s gonna do ight.

H: One can only work hard and hope for the best.

W: I know some peeps in publishing so if he needs a leg up, give me a shout and we hook him up.

H: Really?  You would do that for me?

W: You know how we do, Ma.  We look out for our own.

H: That’s most kind of you, Mr. Strubel.  Well, perhaps you can come over for some tea one evening.  I’m sure my husband would enjoy your company.  He is very fond of you.

W: Hell yeah.  I’ll swing by the crib.

H: Wonderful.  Good day to you, Mr. Strubel.

W: You know how we do.  That’s what’s up.


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