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  1. Causing A Scene – CHARLIE:  I know he’s my cousin, I know.  You pressure me to hang out with him but you have no idea what it’s like.  It’s a constant battle and embarrassment.
  2. Not True – PAM:  It’s not true!  It’s not!  Why would I go behind your back and say those things about you?  Why would you believe them all anyway?
  3. Light, Somewhere – HELENA:  As it turns out, I’m going to be playing the role of Juliet, a very demanding role for my age but a role filled with dream and possibility…a role that I wish I didn’t have to play, quite honestly.
  4. In Your Way – TEDDY:  You’re my older brother and you’ve never treated me like a brother.  You’ve never taken me out with your friends or talked to me about girls…
  5. Ask Her Out – DANIEL:  Yo, I gotta talk to you about something man.  We’ve been boys since we were little kids…you’re family to me and that comes first…but, I want to tell you the truth about something because it matters and I want things to stay right between us always.
  6. See Me – ALINA:  I didn’t get in, they have rejected me again. The drama school I’ve been wanting to go to…since forever. I know I’m not perfect, I know I’m different to the other kids that audition and get in.
  7. Under Your Spell – HENDRICK:  Yo, I haven’t gotten any ass in like a month, yo.  I don’t know what’s up with my game.  Damn.  I think that witch Kim put a spell on me, man.
  8. Attention – MICHELLE:  That’s all you want, isn’t it? That’s what you do, it’s why you always create drama in this family.  Attention!  You’re just never happy unless the world is talking about you. You can’t live without creating some kind of drama so everyone can be thinking about you and that makes you happy.
  9. Same Thing – TARA: Why do you always feel the need to do that?  You don’t have to be so competitive all the time if we’re friends.  We are friends, aren’t we?
  10. Agree To Disagree – HARPA:  Look, you don’t have to be…you don’t have to agree with me all the time, in order for me to like you more.
  11. Arouse Me – BELLA: That’s not what I want.  We meet up late at night, at the end of our days…I’m tired, you’re tired and we are both not in the mood to do anything but be cranky at best.  That’s not good.
  12. Typical Teen – SHADIRA:  I’m trying.  It’s not always as easy as you think.  I have so much going on in my life and I can only do so much.  I know you think I am Wonder Woman, I know how things look to you and everybody else on the outside, but I am still only eighteen and sacrificing so much of my youth for what I want in my life.
  13. Just So You Know – SALLY:  Why do you have to be such a loser to me all the time?  You literally treat me like dirt.  It’s like we’re not even sisters.
  14. My Side of Things – CLARA:  I don’t think it’s me most times because talking to you, when I try to get my point across to you and get you to see my side of things, it’s like trying to convince a donkey that it’s a dog.  Just not possible.
  15. Heavy Cough – EMILIA:  I’m exhausted, I’ve had this cold for three months Mom and it’s not going away! I need to go to the hospital tonight, if I don’t go to the hospital, I feel like something bad is going to happen!
  16. Telling Secrets – SARAH: You said what? WHAT?! Oh my—How could you say that?! Why did you tell him? You’re supposed to be my best friend Carol. You’re supposed to keep secrets. Awwwwwww! I can’t believe this! I’m so mad at you right now Carol!
  17. Please Forgive Me – JESSE:  I didn’t mean to make you feel insignificant.  I feel so horrible about it that I would rather cut off my arm and it wouldn’t even come close.  I didn’t mean to make you cry and get you upset.
  18. Not Feeling You – CASSANDRA:  I was…well, I, we were just drinking and having fun.  I mean, I guess I liked you enough for us to kiss and stuff but I don’t even remember it.  Not to say that you’re a bad kisser, I just don’t remember us kissing.  I drank so much…too much…I don’t even remember how I got home.  I know I walked with Marie but that’s only because she told me.
  19. Old Enough To Work – MARTIN:  There’s never anything to eat in this house, Mom.  How come we never have snacks or anything good?  There’s nothing.  Nothing in the cabinets, the fridge, nothing ever.  I go to my friends houses and there’s always a ton of food.  It’s like being in the store.  How come we never have anything like that in our house?  Huh?
  20. Anything Sweet Stays – CAROLINA:  I’m never eating bread or pasta again! Look at my stomach. (lifts up her shirt to reveal her stomach)  I look pregnant! Is that bump normal?? I feel like I’ve put on 20 pounds in one day!
  21. I Liked Her First – SERGIO:  Bobby knew I like Debbie first.  He’s a traitor.  He said he was my best friend.  If he was my best friend he never would have kissed Debbie.  He did it behind my back and I hate him for it.  He lied to me.  He said that he was going to the gym to play basketball after school but what he really did was took Debbie to the ice cream parlor like a sneak.
  22. Lick My Wounds – Crystal:  I don’t know what to say…if you don’t love me, leave.  I don’t want to be with someone who feels that they are wasting their time.  Really, I don’t need it.
  23. Never Been Kissed – KERRY: I want to…I do…I, I want to know what it’s like.  I’m so afraid I’ll be bad at it though.  I watch how it’s done from the movies and t.v. and stuff but I don’t know if I can kiss like that.  How do they breathe?  You have to hold your breath, right?
  24. Corner Store – Jasmine:  Listen Jackie, I don’t think it’s a good idea we hang out anymore and it’s because you drink too much.  I mean, way too much.
  25. Real Dad – ASHLEY:  Dad, can I talk to you about something?…I don’t know how to put this exactly, but I’m wondering if maybe you could listen to me this time.
  26. One Thing – BRIANNA: Why is it that these boys only want one thing?  Why can’t I meet a guy that is a decent, good guy? I understand the need for men to want to have sex, I get it, but why does it always get pushed?  Why can’t I ever meet a guy who can pace himself and not rush into things?  Is ‘gentleman’ a forgotten word in our generation?
  27. Bring About Change – MELANI: I want to be famous.  I want to be absolutely famous.  Not famous like a singer or actress…I want to be known for helping people.  I only want the fame to come because I know that it will help make people more aware of my cause.  I plan on using fame to strengthen what I believe in for the benefit of others.
  28. Bad Look – EMILY: I’m telling you, she is!  That’s the only thing I don’t like about her.  It’s that stupid rat face that she makes when she laughs.  (imitates her friends face when she laughs)  Like that!  She scares me!  And no air comes out of her mouth either.  It’s like she’s frozen in time!  Maybe I should tell her something about it.
  29. Stacy’s Eyes – CRISTINA: Can you believe this? Stacy has a new boyfriend. Another, NEW boyfriend! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a kiss? It’s been forever and I’m getting seriously frustrated! I don’t see the difference between me and Stacy; we almost look alike and we like the same music, the same type of clothes…I mean, she talks a lot more than I talk…maybe that’s it…maybe I don’t talk as much as Stacy talks.  When she’s done talking the guys head off, she seems to get bored and right away, she’s on to the next!
  30. Chasing, Jeremy – KIMBERLY: (she sighs) I think I’m in love.  I am, I am in love. (she sighs) Oh Jeremy, Jeremy, where art thou Jeremy? Today was the greatest day of my life!  During lunch, in the cafeteria, I was on line waiting to buy  my sandwich.  Jeremy was in front of me the whole time!
  31. The World Is Not Kind – POLLY: I wish you all would stop criticizing me!  Why can’t you let me be me!  Everything I do is like I am under a microscope and I don’t want to deal with that.  It’s not right and you all need to let me live my life.
  32. A Walk in the Sun – ALDERON:  Suck your blood?  (beat) It’s alot more complicated than that Kyra.  (beat) It’s a curse you don’t want.  You think it’s power?  You think being immortal is special?  (beat) I understand that you want to be with me forever and I do love you…deeply, but I have been around a long time and I have had many great loves…sorry to tell you this but I’m telling you because it is the only way I can protect you.
  33. Cider, Baby – SOPHIE:  OHHH, yes, they got the good kind here!   Crispy and tasty.  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. Do you know what? I’m addicted to this stuff, I am head over heals addicted to APPLE CIDER. (beat)  No, it’s not the alcoholic kind, the juice kind, the healthy kind. But it’s getting out of control, I’m drinking this shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  34. Tis Pity He’s A Brother – Miss Lorelli:  Pass me my shoes, would you darling? What is wrong with you lately? You are moving too slow for my liking, if Papa falls witness to this, he would think you ill!
  35. Sly Statements – MELANIE:  When you speak to me sometimes…we can be talking as simple as we are talking to one another right now…you say things in such a way that is so insulting but yet you do it with such subtlety.  It hurts me.  To put me down makes me think about a certain someone and I really don’t want to tell you who because I’m not ready for that but when you say things on the sly, you are putting me down and I cannot be with someone in my life who does that to me, especially as frequently as you.
  36. Bubble World – JASMINE: Pink dress, purple dress, white dress…that’s all I hear.  Brown shoes, white shoes, yellow shoes.  On and on and on.   Me, me, me, me, me…You are so wrapped up in your little world, Jess.  You’re in this bubble that you need to break out of and realize that there are things in life other than having your face constantly in your phone.  Becoming a zombie.
  37. Mind Trick – Male/Female:  Sometimes I feel like I’m not normal…what is normal anyway, right?  I guess, like everyone else.  I get stupid thoughts sometimes.  I keep them to myself because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a weirdo.  I wonder if everyone gets strange thoughts but just don’t want to admit it.  I think we all get strange thoughts.  You want to know what kind of thoughts I get?
  38. I’m Not Dumb – TABITHA: I try my hardest in school but I am always just passing by the skin of my teeth.  I feel like I am dumber than the other kids.  I don’t know why I am not smart like they are.  I study when I go home.  Sometimes I stay after school for extra help.  I always do extra credit.
  39. Mad Mike – MICHAEL:  I was in my Mercedes checking out the ladies, along came a girl who said she was crazy, I opened my door to let her in, I said, “Yo baby, wanna go for a spin?” We went around the block a couple of times, she said, “Stop the car!” and I felt her behind, “That’s not the kind of girl I want to be”.
  40. Hey, Blacky – SAM:  Hey Blacky, listen, I came here to tell you it’s my last day. Do you hear me? We’re leaving tomorrow, my mum and dad are packing our suitcases now.
  41. Ever So Gently – JOSHUA:  You shouldn’t say anything…you shouldn’t say anything because you know what he will do.  Please, Robbie.  I need you to stop.  I need you to–I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.  Okay?  You don’t need to keep on bad mouthing him back all the time.
  42. Boost – LANA: Michael was staring at me in fifth period English.  He keeps smiling at me and then in seventh period gym, we were by the ropes and when it was my turn to climb the rope, he came behind me and gave me a BOOST!   Mr. Carbanero got angry at him because he helped me climb the rope.  You girls know!  He got in trouble for me!  That is soooo romantic!
  43. Nobody Bothers Me – PATRICK: No, everything is fine Uncle John.  Nobody bothers me at school anymore, cause, when there was this guy, this guy who is a grade older than me, he pushed me in the hallway and I kicked him really hard and really fast right in his you know what and he went down like this…
  44. Don’t Play – SAM: You ruined my whole record.  I was just about to level up and you lost all my points.  If you were losing so much, why did you keep fighting?  It took me all day to get that score and you knocked it straight down.
  45. Price of A Crush – DEVIN: Yeah dude, she was doing cartwheels on the sidewalk and then Vinny was like, “I dare you to do a cartwheel in the street” and at first she didn’t want to do it, I could tell, I could just tell by her face but I know she really likes Vinny and so she decided to do it anyway and I didn’t say anything
  46. Ryan’s Nose Was Bleeding – EON: I was at Stationary Park!  I was just playing baseball with me and Ryan.  I mean, it was just me and Ryan.  And then these guys!  These guys, older than us, came up to us and they pushed Ryan to the floor and I yelled, “HEY!”
  47. Posters – CHARLENE: Moooooom! Moooooom! (beat) (to her brother) MATTHEW, stop it! Stop—-(beat) Ma—MOM!!! Matthew keeps pulling my posters off my wall and he, he tore my FAVORITE poster!
  48. Mr. Poppin – ROBERT a.k.a. Mr. Poppin’: You wanna piece of me? You wanna piece of the kid? Yeah? Yeah? What? What? What? Huh? What? What? Run before I smack ya upside ya ahead. YA HEARD?! What? For real…yo, for real!
  49. Show and Tell – ANNAMARIE:  Mommy, why didn’t daddy show up to my show and tell today?  (beat)  But I waited in class for him and he should have called.  I told my teacher that he was a plumber and he was supposed to come in school today and show all his tools.  My daddy was the only one who wasn’t there.  All the other daddy’s were there mom.  (beat)  It’s not fair.
  50. Inner Thoughts – If my inner thoughts could speak about you, here’s what I’d say…You were wrong about me.  You’ve strengthened me.  You fuel my passions, my fire, my energy.  I appreciate you because it’s the growing group of you that makes me rise up when I’m weak…on days I feel like giving up, I think of you and it motivates me to rock my shit hard.  You feel me?
  51. Every Which Way – SUSANNA:  You try so hard to be my friend again.  Every which way, but it doesn’t work  like that.  What you did really put a wedge between us…I would say a split but we have so much history for so many years—I’v been confused on my end as well as far as letting you into my life…
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