Girl I Want

In Girl I Want, CLARENCE talks to his older cousin about what he thinks he should do about a girl situation he’s in.  Drama.

CLARENCE:  I don’t know what to do and I need your advice…I have this friend Jemma who’s not really like a friend, I mean, she’s cool and all but she’s got a lot of dirt on me cause she’s cousins with my boy Lenny.  So, she knows stuff about me from all of us hanging out all the time.  Anyway, she’s best friends with this new girl Hannah I’ve been kicking it with but Jemma also knows that I’ve been talking to another girl named Cindy.

I just want to keep it real with Hannah and not really go any further with Cindy but here’s the thing…Jemma has a big mouth and I have a feeling that she’s gonna tell Hannah about Cindy and ruin the whole thing for me.

The thing about all this is that I really like Hannah.  This other girl Cindy is cool and all but once I found out that Hannah is interested, cause we kissed the other day and stuff, I’m not really into Cindy anymore and I’ve always like Hannah for the longest time.

I need to figure out how I’m gonna keep Jemma from blowing this for me because I like Hannah and just want to chill with her.  Even if I talk to Jemma and tell her to be quiet about everything and that I’m not talking with Cindy anymore, I still think she’s gonna tell Hannah about it and it will screw everything up.

What do you think I should do man?

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