tell me

Tell Me is a spoken word monologue for either a man or a woman to perform.

Male/Female:  Those eyes, YOUR eyes; they dart around trying to avoid my presence, trying to avoid a connection to my heart and soul, the way things were, the way things used to be…I remember, you remember but we both can’t cross that bridge, we just can’t seem to feel free together again, happy together, the way it was, the way it used to be.  I admit, I do miss you, I miss laughing and acting silly, I miss being looked up to and admired, I miss protecting you.  I miss who we were.  In the face of our beautiful face from which we stem from, the pain, the rhythm of her beating heart, her tears, her pain, her pain, so much hurt inside and I still cannot come to terms with what I know is right, what is truth, your truth, my truth, our truth…sadness, it exudes from me like steam but I have the power to catch it in time before you see it, before anyone sees my flame, my darkness, I smile against the weight of my eyes, weighing me down, fishing for a deeper understanding that there must be something easier than this but just know and I know you do, that I will kill for you and die for you more so than any other man alive on Earth but we can’t speak for our trust has been broken, my life, your life…apart.  Those eyes, YOUR eyes, everything we both know and the love that gets covered by a swelling of hatred, what now?

tell me


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