Telling Secrets

In this dramatic monologue, SARAH finds out that her best friend told the guy she likes at school that she has a crush on him.

SARAH: You said what? What? Oh my–how could you say that?! Why did you tell him? You’re supposed to be my best friend, Carol. You’re supposed to keep secrets. I can’t believe this. I’m so mad at you right now Carol.

Now the whole school is going to know that I like Jimmy Riley.  (beat) I don’t care if it slipped out. That’s stuff that isn’t supposed to slip out, Carol. How am I going to ever go back to school now?  I’m so embarrassed.


Wait, what did he say?


He said I was cute? Hold on, I need to sit…he really said that?  He actually thinks I’m cute? Like, cute how? Cute in what way, like he ‘likes me’ cute or puppy friend cute?  (beat)  Woah…You think he really thinks he likes me?

(she screams excitedly out-loud and does a spin)

Oh my Gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I love you. Your my best friend ever!

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