A drunken Adam has a say with a real estate competitor at a private rooftop party.

ADAM: Wilson, you’re not going to beat me down.  I can take a punch.  I’ve been taking punches my whole life.  You’re not going to frighten me.  All you can do is encourage me to work harder than yesterday because I know you’re trying to take over my territory.

You can’t steal my clients away from me.  I’ve done great work for them and they know it.  I’m locked in.

I know you work hard too and I respect that about you.  I do.  I genuinely do.  But I won’t give you what’s mine.  I’ve earned it, I’ve slaved over it and I won’t let you take it from me.

This is mine.  You hear me?

So, go ahead and do what you must, do whatever it is you think you need to do cause as I grow I will also defend.

I won’t stop.  Never ever ever…never.

Joseph Arnone


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