Thass The Science

In Thass The Science, Pavlo is making his way to visit his cousin in prison but before he does, he stops in a local coffee-shop to prepare an item.

PAVLO: …so, what yoo do is….what, you dooisyou take and you make it as tight as youn can make it…this is science, you study science but I’m gonna show you some science right now…watch this…first ya tighten it up and then you wrap it in a, a, a—cut that for me please…juss take those keys, my keys, right there…yeah yeah…now just cut it like a slice…yeah yeah, keep go—one mor—-THERE you goooo; got it.  Got that shit fo me.  Thank yooo.

So, you, ya, ya make that now as tight as you can make it cause you know where this is going, right baby?  You know where this is shhhhlope! Like that, haha, light that, haha, alright now…

…Shhhhlope! Bing!  Hahaha!  You know about that?  Alright…ha-uh…alright.

(long pause.)

Thass it.  That’s the science.

Joseph Arnone


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