That Hot Flash Feeling

In That Hot Flash Feeling, Devira talks to her friend at the diner about how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her while she was at work.

DEVIRA:  I don’t know, but I’m a find her, tell you that much, I’m a find her.  Can’t even think about her she make me so damn mad.  Damn!  You ever get that hot flash feeling, when your body gets all warm, like a wave of heat washing over you?  Yeah, well that’s what she’s doin’ to me when I think ’bout her.

Thinking she gonna sleep with my man and not pay the price.  What she think this is?  Huh?  What?  What she thinking?  She thinking I ain’t gonna find out?  Huh?  Yeah, right.  I find out.  I knew soon as I looked at his dumb ass face, I knew.  You know he always gives himself up cause he looks down at the floor like a damn fool.  Can’t ever look me straight in the eye when he do something wrong.

I asked him…I said, “Leroy, why was Barbra here this morning while I was at work?”

That was it.  He be looking down like he sweeping the floors.  Told him to go to hers.  Ain’t no use for him at mines.  Go to hers and he did, he went, he left right before I got crazy on his ass.  But as he was driving away I did throw that big red brick through the back of his car window.  MMM-HMM.  He sped off.

But I’m a find her.  I’m a find her.  Heard she lives on 60th lane, that true?  She live on 60th?  Yeah, I know where she’s at.  I’m a find her and wait, wait when I get her.

Joseph Arnone


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