That’s Classy

GIOVANNI:  Do I like killing?  Did Picasso like to paint?  Eh?!  hahaha.  Come on now kid.  Don’t ask me stupid questions over here.  Everybody’s good at something in their life.  Some people find it, other people don’t.  I found what I’m good at.  A natural.  But like all art forms, it takes practice, work and dedication.  You have to have passion for it, or why bother.

It is an art form, what I do.  I approach it probably in a similar fashion as a writer writes a novel, or a painter does a painting.  Shit like that.  I am very particular when I kill somebody.  I like to be neat and efficient.  Now, I’m not saying I won’t leave a bloody fucking mess.  I’ve flung body parts all over a room, just to make a point.  You see, although a killing may look messy, it was done with the utmost tender care.  I put alot of preparation into my work, you know.  Alot of thought and time get put into what I do.

I like using the word killing, not murder.  Murder takes the art out of it but a killing has a nice, I don’t know, ring to it.  It has more class I think.  It may be hard for you to understand but I guess you gotta kill a few people to understand.

My life just gravitated that way.  I started reading books on killers and studied the ways of a killing.  I’ve never been caught my whole life.  And I never will.  Why?  Because I played my cards right.  I never cared to be famous like other gangsters.  I feel the best ones, go down without making themselves known.

That’s class, and that, I love.

Joseph Arnone


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