The Art of Patience

In this meditational drama monologue, MITCH talks to his friend about how he needs to slow his roll with working too much.

Mitch:  Patience.  That is what you need to harness the power of Michael.  You need to do more than simply understand patience…you need to live patience.  There will be times in your life when you need to slow your roll and allow the elements around you to take their natural course.  You can’t force things to happen.  If you attempt to do so, you may get things to move a little faster but the quality of the result won’t be as tasteful.  Have patience.

Nothing wrong with pressure or pushing things a tad but so long as the science doesn’t buckle because if the buckle breaks, you have to spend time rebuilding the entire engine all over again.  And that my friend, is how you lose time, not gain time.

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