The Artist

In The Artist is a PAINTER is disgusted with himself in his work.  He talks to his representative about how poor his paintings are.  Broken American accent.

GRIGIO: Do you like it, ya?

(he observes the painting that leans against the wall)


(puffs his cigarette)

You do not think it’s lacking…substance?


(he calmly paces)

Look closer…please.  You do not think the colors come together, unnaturally?  Hmmm.


THIS, is not one of my best works, Janine.  It is not.  This is one of my WORST works…

(puffs his cigarette)

(sighs-trying to calm himself)

This is one of my worst and I am going to keep it.  All the others, I am throwing away.  All forty of them…but this one.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about bullshit.  The last three months have been a bullshit life.  Do you not understand?


I don’t paint from my soul!  I’ve been painting from my mind, from nothing but emptiness.  I’ve forced my creations to suit my phony needs.  To make people like you happy.  I’ve lost my sense of matter.

Look at me!  What have I become but a washed out reflection of what I despise!  Everything that has made Grigio, Grigio, has been drained for commercial purposes…too much parties, too much women, too much drugs, too much fake happy faces!


I cannot sell these works.  I cannot have a showing tomorrow.  I reveal nothing but coldness, nothing sensual, passionate or REAL…I have lost my way Janine.


FORGET MY CAREER!  What is a career without meaning?  I do not care if I lose everything.  This is my life, my art.  If we do a gallery tomorrow, my soul will be ruined.  My soul is more important than my career!  Don’t you see?  Don’t you get it?  To you it’s all about money and success and fame.  I did not become a painter for this!!  No!  I paint because it’s what moves me, it’s what gives me breath.  I feel dead.  I will burn the last three months out of my life.  If I do not, it will burn me back forever and I cannot afford that agony.

This is my awakening!  I refuse to go on this way…


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