The Baby Hasn’t Been Fed Yet

In this female dramatic monologue, TIFFANY talks to her Uncle about how high strung he is over small situations that aren’t as big as he makes them seem.

Tiffany:  The way you’ve been acting has been humiliating.  I am embarrassed for you. I don’t understand these changes you have made inside yourself.  How can you not maintain your composure?

You stress.  You stress over minor things.  You have these tiny explosions over such mundane situations that oftentimes you come off comical from the absurdity of your behavior.

It’s a fine line between appearing outright stupid or outright insane.  I’ve been around crazy people my entire life, so I’m not shocked by any of your theatrical moments but I am surprised that they come from you based on how I thought I knew you.

You’ve changed.  Not for the better.

You need to find an inner place of calm when conducting yourself around your family and friends.  You don’t want to alienate yourself because people can’t stand being around your neurotic ways.  Nobody wants to spend time with you if you are going to continue acting so intensely.

Do something.  Go to meditation, listen to music, go on a freaking nature walk if you have to…I don’t know…anything other than carrying on like a damn baby who hasn’t been fed quickly enough.

Joseph Arnone


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